57+ Best Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya for 2024

57+ Best Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya for 2024

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57+ Best Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya 

Have you been searching online and offline on how to make money online in Kenya and have yet to find realistic ideas or practical ways? Well, today we go through 57+ Best Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya for 2024.

Searching on the internet how to make money online on YouTube, blogs, or social media platforms and have yet to get any fundamental practical ways?

Well… Today, I have given you the practical best ways to make money online.

The internet world is rife with chances, and there is a route/way for everyone, whether they honestly want to increase their financial (mulla ) income, leave the 9 – 5 grind, or become financially happy, free, and independent.

We will look at a staggering 57+ techniques to find your online niche in this blog article on how to make money online in Kenya.

So, let’s dive in and learn more about the 57 best ways to make money online in Kenya!

The benefits of making money online in Kenya:

Best Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya

If you really are serious and looking to make money online in Kenya, these are the top 5 benefits of making money online in Kenya

1. Flexibility and Convenience:

If you make money online, you can work from home or any other place with an internet connection.

Thanks to this freedom, you can choose your working hours and balance other obligations with your internet income.

2. Diverse Income Streams:

Online job opportunities in Kenya are available in various fields, from graphic design and freelance writing to e-commerce and digital marketing. This variety enables you to investigate several income options and determine which best suits your hobbies and area of competence.

3. Global Reach:

You can access global markets and clients thanks to the Internet’s broad reach.

This enhances income potential compared to traditional offline occupations or enterprises focused on local needs.

4. Low Startup Costs:

There are a lot of Internet business opportunities with low initial fees.

For instance, launching a blog, providing freelancing services, or selling goods through e-commerce platforms can be done with relatively little capital outlay, making it available to a broader spectrum of people.

5. Scalability:

Online enterprises and revenue streams frequently have a high degree of scalability.

You may extend your online enterprises to reach a wider audience, boost your income, and even make them a full-time business with the correct tactics and efforts.

These benefits make making money online in Kenya an attractive option for those looking to supplement their income, establish online businesses, or achieve financial independence.


1. Affiliate Promotion/Affiliate Marketing

 Best Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya

Enter the affiliate marketing industry, where you can advertise products and profit from each sale. To make marketing easy, pick goods and services you are passionate about.

To draw potential customers, create interesting material like blog entries or product reviews.

To locate products to market, sign up for affiliate programs with well-known companies or use affiliate networks. As more of your audience become paying clients, watch your income increase.


2. Web development and Website design:

Best Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya

Website design and website development in Kenya are among the best Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya. Offer your talents online if you are skilled in web design or development.

Build beautiful websites, improve user experiences, and aid companies in establishing an online presence. To draw clients, showcase your portfolio on freelancing websites.

Keep up with the latest recent web trends and technology to stand out in a crowded industry. You can use skill and commitment to make your passion a successful online profession.


3. Editing videos for Clients: Video Editing 

Best Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya

Offer your services to businesses and content producers while you hone your video editing abilities. Edit videos for social networking, business presentations, or YouTube channels.

To improve the quality and storytelling of your videos, use professional editing tools. Create a compelling portfolio and a robust internet presence to draw potential customers.

You may ride the wave to financial success as the demand for video content increases as it is among best Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya.


4. Online polls/Online Survey Jobs:

Take part in online surveys to share your thoughts while earning money. Join reputable survey websites that pay out in cash or prizes. This is among the best Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya

Schedule daily time to complete surveys, then watch your earnings grow. To increase your earning possibilities, consider signing up for several survey websites.

Online surveys are not going to make you wealthy, but they can provide you with a steady stream of extra cash.


5. Selling Books – Online Sales of Digital Books:

By writing and selling ebooks, you can share your expertise, creativity, or narrative abilities. Please choose a topic or area that appeals to you, then start writing about it.

Create an eye-catching cover format your ebook and it’s among the best way to make money online in Kenya. Use services like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to publish your ebook.

To spread the word about your ebook to a larger audience, use social media and other internet resources.


6. Faceless YouTube channel:

Best Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya

Do you want to avoid appearing on camera? No issue! Create a YouTube channel with no faces. Use voiceovers, animations, or screen recordings to create valuable content.

Pick a topic that appeals to you, whether it be tech reviews, creative writing, or instructional material. Use pertinent keywords and tags to improve the search engine optimization of your videos.

Respond to community posts and comments to involve your audience and expand your channel.


7. Social media Management:

If you’re a social media specialist or social media manager, think about providing social media management services. Social media management is among the best ways to make money in Kenya.

Help businesses and people increase their online presence and interact with customers. Make posts and schedule them, reply to comments, and examine success indicators.

To offer successful strategies, keep up with social media trends and algorithm changes. You could become a highly sought-after social media manager thanks to your expertise.


8. Youtube Vlogging:

Through vlogging, you can express your interests, passions, and life experiences. Spend money on a high-quality camera and microphone for videos of the highest caliber.

Be it daily vlogs, cooking tutorials, or travel trips, plan your material. Edit your videos to improve the presentation and narrative.

Engage with your audience, and as it increases, look into monetization options. YouTube vlogging is among the best ways to make money in Kenya.


9. Currency Trading also known as Forex Trading

Best Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya

Explore currency trading, where you can purchase and sell different currencies. Through online tutorials and courses, learn the basics of FX trading (Forex Trading in Kenya).

To sharpen your abilities and create a trading plan, practice with a demo account. Start with a modest investment and take care to control your risk.

Although forex trading has dangers, experienced traders can achieve significant gains.


10. Becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Offer your administrative skills to businesses and business owners as a virtual assistant. Remotely control emails, schedules, and administrative duties.

Utilize Software and productivity tools to streamline your work. Establish a trustworthy online presence on platforms like LinkedIn and Upwork.

You can benefit from flexible work schedules and a rising clientele as a VA.


11. Becoming An Online Content Creator:

Become a content developer if you are passionate about a particular area.It is one of the best ways to make money in Kenya,

Create exciting stuff for your audience to enjoy or learn from, such as blogs, videos, or podcasts. To maintain the interest of your viewers or readers, follow a content schedule.

Utilize social media to spread the word about your content and work with people in your niche. Investigate ways to make money when your audience expands, such as through sponsorships and adverts.


12. Academic writing, online writing, and freelance writing in Kenya:

Writing for hire as a freelancer could be your ticket to success online if you have a knack for language or are exceptionally creative. Write scholarly papers, blog entries, and articles for publications and clients.

Create a portfolio of your most outstanding work and become an expert in a field that interests you. Approach websites, publications, or content agencies about your writing services.

Your writing could become a successful internet revenue stream.


13. Open a dropshipping store using dropshipping (Shopify):

Opening an online store to go into the dropshipping industry is one of the best ways to make money online in Kenya. Create an e-commerce website, pick a specialty, and locate trustworthy suppliers.

List products in your store, and the supplier will send orders directly to customers. To increase sales and expand your firm, concentrate on marketing and customer service.

Dropshipping enables you to launch an online business with little out-of-pocket expense.


14. Entry of data/ Data Entry Jobs

If you have a keen eye for detail, consider providing data entry services. Many firms demand reliable data entry into databases or spreadsheets.

Join freelance marketplaces to look for data entry jobs or get in touch with nearby companies. To establish a solid reputation, make sure your work is accurate and confidential.

Despite its apparent simplicity, data entry is a trendy job.


15. Social media authority

If you have a sizable social media following, you can rise to the position of influencer. In partnership with businesses, provide sponsored content or product reviews.

Promote goods and services that fit your specialty while maintaining your authenticity. Create an enthusiastic following by involving your audience.

Your internet profile as an influencer can lead to lucrative business opportunities.


16. Consulting:

Utilize your knowledge by providing online consulting services. People look for advice when developing their careers, businesses, or personally.

Create a professional website to position oneself as an authority. Create online courses and webinars or provide one-on-one consultations.

You can share your knowledge and make money through consulting.


17. SEO Solutions:

For online exposure, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial. Offer your services to companies trying to raise their ranks if you are an expert in SEO.

Conduct keyword research, improve website content, and keep an eye on analytics. Keep up-to-date with search engine algorithms to produce valuable results.

Your SEO expertise can aid organizations in increasing organic traffic.


18. Services for delivery

Profit from the expanding e-commerce market by providing delivery services. To deliver their items to customers, collaborate with neighborhood companies.

Make a delivery timetable and use a dependable source of transportation. Deliver goods on time and offer exceptional customer service.
Delivery services are in greater demand as e-commerce expands and is among the best ways to make money in Kenya.


19. Starting an online clothes thrift store:

Start an online thrift store if you have a sense of style. Find high-quality, distinctive apparel and accessories.

Establish a visually appealing online store and promote your products on social media. Set fair charges and give thorough descriptions.

The fashion-forward crowd frequents thrift shops, and your selection might appeal to them.


20. Web-based coaching:

Become a mentor or coach online to share your knowledge. Whether it’s life, fitness, or job counseling, there is a market.

Make a business website and provide specialized coaching sessions. Gain your client’s trust and assist them in achieving their objectives.

You may have a significant influence while making money through online tutoring.


21. Create a Niche Blog:

If you’re passionate about a specific subject, start a specialized blog. Pick a market niche that appeals to you and has prospective customers.
Create interesting and informative content for your readers.

To monetize your website, use advertising, affiliate marketing, or the selling of digital products. Although blogging needs commitment, it can be a fruitful online activity.


22. Online or Offline Fitness Training:

Become a fitness trainer if you enjoy working out. Offer online or in-person coaching services and training courses.

Create training programs that are unique to your client’s needs and fitness levels. Establish a trustworthy online presence and engage with your fitness community.

Fitness instructors are in demand as more people place a priority on their health and well-being.


23. Starting a YouTube channel

Create your own YouTube channel to unleash your creativity. Pick an activity that fits your hobbies, whether they are gaming, traveling, or cooking.

Make interesting, high-quality videos that speak to your target audience. Utilize sponsorships, advertisements, and product sales to monetize your channel.

Your YouTube channel can succeed if you put effort into it and are consistent.


24. Provide Internet Services

Become an internet service provider (ISP) to explore the world of connectivity. Invest in the necessary infrastructure and provide dependable internet access to the neighborhood.

Promote your offerings and offer first-rate customer service. To draw clients, broaden your network, and offer affordable prices.
ISPs are essential to the expansion of internet usage.


25. Online English/Swahili Language Tutor:

If Swahili or English are your native languages, think about teaching languages online. Join online platforms for language study or give private sessions.

Make compelling class plans and provide students with constructive criticism. Create a happy learning atmosphere to enable your kids to succeed.

An enjoyable method to make money online is through language tutoring.


26. Investments in the Nairobi Stock Exchange:

Join the Nairobi Securities Exchange to experience the stock market investment industry firsthand. Learn about market trends and stock trading techniques.

Create a broad portfolio to work with before making wise investment choices. Regularly check your investments, and take long-term objectives into account.

Over time, stock market investing can produce wealth.


27. Establishing a Digital Marketing Agency

If you have marketing experience, start a digital marketing agency. Offer services like pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and social media management.

Create a portfolio of effective marketing. Cooperate with businesses that want to enhance their online presence. The need for services in digital marketing is rising.


28. Become a Career Coaching Coach:

Use your knowledge to assist people in choosing their professional pathways. Provide career counseling services, including help with drafting resumes and coaching for interviews.

Make a professional website to advertise your services to potential employees. Assist clients in identifying their assets and objectives for a successful career.

Career counseling is rewarding and is among the best ways to make money online in Kenya.

29. Using Facebook Marketplace to Sell Items:

Selling stuff on Facebook Marketplace will help you declutter your home and earn additional cash. List products using descriptive text and appealing images.

Provide timely responses to questions and, if necessary, bargain prices. Plan convenient and secure pick-up and delivery choices.
Selling unneeded products on Facebook Marketplace is a simple method to get money.


30. Using Jiji to Market Your Services:

Sign up for Jiji to promote your services to a vast internet audience, it is one of the best ways to make money online in Kenya. Jiji offers a category for you whether you’re looking for teaching, graphic design, or handyperson services.

Make eye-catching service listings with thorough descriptions and costs. Display your abilities through prior work or client testimonials. Jiji offers a platform for you to advertise your services and draw customers.


31. Opening an Online Store:

By opening an online store, you can profit from the e-commerce growth. Create an e-commerce website for a specific product category or specialty.

Find or make things to market, and make sure the prices are reasonable. Prioritize customer pleasure and implement secure payment methods.
Running an internet store might result in a sizable revenue.


32. launching a Youtube Podcast

Start a podcast to express your ideas, expertise, or enthusiasm. Choose a topic or specialty that appeals to your intended audience.
Create and edit compelling episodes of excellent quality.

On websites like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, advertise your show. Profit from merchandise sales, sponsorships, or listener donations.

Starting a YouTube podcast in Kenya is among the best ways to make money online in Kenya.


33. Earnings from Purchasing Sacco Shares:

Shares of the Sacco (Savings and Credit Cooperative Society) may be an investment option. Become a member of a reputed Sacco and buy shares to become an owner-member.

Keep up with financial reports and attend annual general meetings. Gain dividends while taking advantage of membership advantages.
Shares of Sacco offer a secure investment opportunity with possible gains.

Investing in Saccos shares is one of the best ways to make money online in Kenya today.


34. How to Master Instagram Advertising:

Make use of Instagram’s popularity by developing your expertise in advertising. Find out how to establish profitable Instagram advertising campaigns for companies.

Customers who wish to use the platform to engage with their target audience can hire you. Ad performance optimization and thorough analytics reporting are required.

Businesses may use Instagram ads as a great tool, and your experience can help them be successful.


35. How to Master Facebook Ads:

Develop your Facebook advertising skills to become a sought-after authority. For companies looking for an online presence, create and manage Facebook advertising campaigns.

Keep current with Facebook’s algorithm updates and ad policies. Deliver results by optimizing your ads and targeting effectively.
Facebook advertisements are still a powerful digital marketing tool.


36. Developing a clothing line:

Start a clothing line to turn your sense of style into a lucrative business. Create distinctive clothing and define your brand’s character.
To sell garments, build an e-commerce website, or use services like Shopify.

Utilize influencers and social media to market your business and products. An innovative route to online success can be through the creation of a clothes brand.

37. Watching YouTube Videos and Earn Money:

Join platforms that pay you to view adverts to make money as you watch YouTube videos. Join websites or apps that pay you to watch advertising in exchange for gift cards or cash.

To increase your income, set aside time specifically for watching ads. To increase your income, spread referral links among your relatives and friends.
It’s easy to earn additional money by watching YouTube advertisements.

38. Creating a SaaS Business:

Launch your business by entering the Software as a Service (SaaS) market. Choose a market or sector that SaaS solutions could help.
Create software tools or programs that cater to specific demands.

Sell SaaS to companies and provide subscription-based pricing. SaaS businesses have the potential for growth and recurrent income.

39. Web hosting services that are resold:

By reselling hosting services, you can break into the web hosting sector. Join forces with reputable web hosts to resell their packages.
Price your products fairly and provide supplementary services like website creation and upkeep.

Create a good website and use online marketing to promote your hosting services. With the appropriate strategy, reselling web hosting may be a successful online business.

40. How to Become a Real Estate Broker:

Become a licensed real estate broker if you have a passion for real estate. Discover the ins and outs of the Kenyan real estate industry.
Property transactions are facilitated by bringing buyers and sellers together.

Create a clientele network and solidify your standing as a trustworthy broker. Successful real estate brokerage can result in high commissions and wealth.

41. Online sales of homemade goods:

By selling your handmade goods online, you may turn your DIY or creating skills into a company. Make original crafts, artwork, or homemade goods.

On your website or through platforms like Etsy, establish an online store. Present your creations with eye-catching images and product descriptions.
There is frequently a tiny market of passionate purchasers of handmade goods.

42. Making Logos for People or Businesses:

Offer your logo design services in Kenya if you have graphic design expertise. Create professional and appealing logos for both individuals and companies.
Create a portfolio that displays the range and flair of your designs.

Find clients looking for logo design services in Kenya or worldwide by using freelancing platforms. Since logos are crucial for branding, having this knowledge is advantageous.

43. Developing Your Skills as a 2D or 3D Animator:

Become a 2D or 3D animator to bring characters and stories to life. By practicing and taking online classes, improve your animation talents.
Create animations for videos, entertainment, or marketing.

Present your animation reel and work with businesses or content producers. The demand for aesthetically appealing fields like animation is rising.

44. CV and Cover Letter Writing:

You may help job searchers get interviews by offering CV and cover letter writing services. Create tailored resumes that emphasize applicants’ abilities and experiences.

Provide attention-grabbing cover letters that persuade businesses to hire you. Create a credible online presence by using a business website.
In today’s cutthroat employment market, solid resumes and cover letters are essential.

45. Online Jobs for Video Transcription:

Offer your services for video transcribing if you have exceptional listening and typing abilities. For clients, convert audio content into text.
Transcription of Videos for Clients is lucrative and you can make money online

Join platforms for transcription or approach clients directly. Ensure that your work is accurate and private.
Flexible online jobs and in demand include transcription.

46. Providing Your Services on Upwork or Fiverr:

Join networks for freelance work like Fiverr or Upwork to promote your services. Make thorough profiles that highlight your abilities.
Place a bid on a project or list the services you’re available to offer.

Develop your reputation by completing work of a high caliber and obtaining favorable comments. You can find clients worldwide via platforms for freelancing.

47. Online AI Services :

Profit from the expanding artificial intelligence (AI) market. Offer AI-related services like machine learning, data analysis, or chatbot development.

Use a credible website to promote your AI skills. Work together with companies looking for AI solutions to enhance their operations.
The need for AI services is rising across numerous industries.

48. Selling AI Prompts:

Consider selling your AI-generated material or prompts online if you have any. AI-generated writing, coding, or design prompts should be created and packaged.

Post them on your website or digital marketplaces. Give customers detailed instructions and illustrations.
Artificial intelligence-generated prompts are useful tools for creative professionals.

49. Providing online lead generation services:

By providing lead generation services, you can assist businesses in locating potential clients. To find and collect leads, use online tools and techniques.

Give organizations a consistent flow of fantastic, quality leads. Create a portfolio of effective lead-generating initiatives.
Lead generation supports business expansion.

50. Making Online or Offline Presentations:

Offer your presentation creation services if you have great design talents. Create compelling and educational presentations for customers or employees.

Make presentations unique to the brands, businesses, and goals of your clients.Promote your services to business people who want to deliver compelling presentations.

Effective communication depends on well-designed presentations.

51. Selling Online Courses on Your Specialization:

You can impart your knowledge by creating and providing online courses. Choose a topic that you are passionate about and educated about.
Create engaging course materials, including videos, tests, and homework.

To host and sell courses, use online learning platforms or your website. While sharing your experience, online courses provide a scalable income source.

52. Become a GhostWriter

Consider ghostwriting for authors or companies if you are a skilled writer. Create material for clients, such as books or articles.
Keep client information private and produce top-notch writing.

Work together with clients who want to have content published under their identities. Online ghostwriting can be a profitable and discreet career.

53. Offering editing and proofreading services:

By providing proofreading and editing services, you may assist writers, bloggers, and companies in improving their written content. Polish written texts with proper grammar, punctuation, and clarity.

Utilize a credible website to highlight your editing abilities. To prove your skills, provide potential clients with a sample edit.
The believability of written content is increased by excellent editing.

54. Making and Marketing Udemy Online Courses:

Create and market online courses on Udemy to a large audience. Create thorough course material on a subject you are familiar with.
Observe Udemy’s price and course creation criteria.

Through the Udemy platform and outside marketing channels, promote your course. Udemy offers a platform for monetizing your expertise.

55. Become a Financial Advisor

Consider becoming a financial counselor if you are financially savvy. Guide financial tactics, retirement planning, and investments. To promote your services to both consumers and businesses, build a credible website.

Assist clients in reaching their objectives and making wise financial decisions. In order to provide financial security, financial advisors are essential.

56. Offering courses in art online:

Give back to the community by teaching online painting workshops. Create structured art courses for students at all levels. Use websites dedicated to art education or services like Zoom.

Promote your classes to artists who want to improve their abilities. You may earn money while inspiring and instructing others through online painting workshops.

57. Domain name purchases and sales(Selling Domains):

Invest in domain names that could fetch more money in the future. Look up popular search terms, names that can be branded, or expired domains.

Use online marketplaces for domains to buy and sell. Use intriguing descriptions to promote your domain listings. Flipping domains online can be a successful investment tactic.


Wrapp up,

There you have it, the top best ways to make money online in kenya. Kenyans may make money in a variety of ways online because of the abundance of chances there.

There is a path that fits your interests and abilities, whether you want to establish a side business, an internet venture, or switch to a fully digital career.

Keep in mind that success in the online world frequently involves commitment, education, and adaptability.

Pick strategies that play to your abilities and hobbies, and be brave and investigate a variety of opportunities to diversify your online income.

Remember that while some techniques can produce immediate money, others may need time and work before making noticeable results. Continue your education, keep up with business changes, and give your customers and audience exceptional service.

Maintain a strong work ethic, exercise patience, and embrace the exciting possibilities of the digital age as you start your online money-making career in Kenya.

Happy smart hustling, and good luck with your online endeavors, these are among the best ways to make money online in Kenya!

Although there are many opportunities to earn money online in Kenya or the best ways to make money online in Kenya, you should do your homework and proceed with care.

Some online possibilities could be risky, fraudulent, or based on immoral behavior.

When pursuing internet revenue streams, put your safety, financial security, and moral principles first.

Written by Denma

Written by Denma

I am passionate about assisting Kenyan entrepreneurs with design and marketing to fuel their business ambitions.

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