How to Make Money in Kenya 2024 | Top 10 Ways to Make Money in Kenya 2024

how to make money in kenya 2024

How to Make Money in Kenya 2024

Hey there, folks! Ready to dive into the world of moneymaking in Kenya in 2024? Kenya is not just about the stunning landscapes and wildlife;

It’s also where you can rake in some serious cash.

Whether you’re itching to start a new gig or expanding your hustle, we’ve got the lowdown on the hottest ways to make money in Kenya this year.

So, as you all know life now in Kenya is very tough and the economy is crazy.  Things are very tight, food stuff very expensive, transport is also very expensive, and to get a job you have to know someone who knows someone at the top.

Too much corruption in the job market places. When you get the job even the pay is not that great as there is too much taxation thus ending up with money that cannot do much.

Yes, got you….

I know this, I have been there. Sending CVs left and right trying to secure a job but with negative replies.

Getting fake job promises from uncles, friends, or people you may know that have connections but they end up ignoring you forever.

I have been through this and it is very frustrating to the point you can end up losing hope in life.

This leads to many searching on how to make money in Kenya online, how to make money in Kenya 2024, and so on…

I know at some point in life you have found yourself searching for ways to make money in Kenya or even how to make money in Kenya and gotten ways that are not practical and do not make sense.


Well, today I cover the best ways to make money online in 2024, not only making money online in Kenya but Practical ways to make money in Kenya

Can I make money in Kenya?

Yes, you can,

You just have to choose a field where you can go all in and with the right mindset, right tools, right people, and right place.

Many people are making money without having a degree or too many certifications. what does this tell you,

With the right skills, consistency, and working smart, you can make a lot of money in Kenya or even anywhere in the world.

how to make money in kenya 2024


How to make money in Kenya 2024

1. Pharmacy Business: Cashing in on Health

*Let’s Talk Pills and Profits*

One of the ways how to make money in Kenya 2024 is by starting a pharmacy business.

Setting up a pharmacy business in the ever-booming healthcare scene is like finding a gold mine in your backyard.

Kenyans are getting health-conscious, so they’re popping pills and picking up prescriptions.

But remember, you’ll need to navigate the regulatory maze and get those licenses to be the medicine man or woman of the hour.


2. Carwash: Clean Up Your Act and Your Wallet

*Get Sudsy, Get Rich*

In a dusty world like Kenya, a carwash is a no-brainer.

The streets are caked in dirt and the cars? Well, they’re dirt magnets.

Whether you’re considering rolling with a mobile carwash or setting up a full-blown car spa, offering quality and convenience can wash away the competition.


3. Daycare: Where Kids Mean Cash

*Little Ones, Big Bucks*

Another way on how to make money in Kenya 2024 is through children’s daycare. If you love children, then you are in for the good money.

If you’ve got a soft spot for the kiddos, consider running a daycare. With more parents punching the clock, there’s a growing demand for reliable childcare.

Create a safe and fun environment; parents will be lining up at your door.



4. Buying and Selling: Deal Your Way to Dollars

*The Art of the Flip*

Buying and selling stuff is an age-old moneymaking move.

Whether you’re into gadgets, fashion, or collecting rare gems, having your finger on the market’s pulse is key.

Buying and selling cars in Kenya, buying and selling clothes in Kenya etc. are some of the best ways on to make money in kenya.



5. Barbershop: Trim Profits, Not Just Hair

*Hair Today, Money Tomorrow*

Haircare is constantly needed, and a barbershop can be your ticket to fortune. It is another lucrative way on how to make money in Kenya 2024.

Traditional cuts or modern styles, there’s money to be made in those snips and clips.

Running a barbershop in Kenya can be a great way to make money because everyone needs haircuts. Whether you offer classic or trendy styles, you can earn money by cutting hair. It’s a reliable and profitable business.

Operating a barbershop is a smart financial move because it taps into an essential need: haircare. People always need haircuts, and your barbershop can cater to traditional cuts or stay on the cutting edge of modern styles, appealing to a wide range of customers.

With a steady flow of clients seeking your services, you can steadily trim your way to financial success in the evergreen grooming industry.


6. Salon: Beauty and the Business

*Glamour and Greenbacks*

A salon business can cash in on Kenya’s growing beauty obsession.

From haircuts to manicures, top-notch grooming services can turn your salon into a money-making mecca.

In Kenya, the beauty industry is experiencing a boom, and if you’re considering starting a salon business, you’re in for a glamorous ride with the potential for substantial profits.

Kenya’s population is increasingly beauty-conscious, with individuals seeking everything from stylish haircuts to flawless manicures.

This growing demand for grooming and self-care services has created a remarkable opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to cash in on the beauty business.

One of the remarkable aspects of running a salon is its versatility. It is one of the best ways on how to make money in kenya 2024 . You can offer different types of creative services catering to various customer preferences. This includes haircuts and styling, hair extensions, nail art, facials, massages, and other spa treatments.

By providing top-notch grooming services and staying updated with the latest beauty trends, your salon can quickly become a destination for those seeking relaxation and style.

The allure of the beauty industry lies not only in the opportunity to help people look and feel their best but also in its potential for financial success. Your salon can transform into a money-making mecca with the right marketing, skilled staff, and a commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences.

Consider the power of word-of-mouth recommendations and social media marketing to attract clients and keep them returning for more. Creating a welcoming and trendy ambiance in your salon can also set you apart from the competition.

Moreover, stay attuned to beauty trends and technologies, as innovations in the industry can further enhance your business’s profitability. Services like hair extensions, natural skincare treatments, and unique nail art designs are all the rage in Kenya for 2024,

so keeping up with these trends can be a key to your salon’s success.

So, if you’re passionate about beauty and are driven to turn that passion into profit, starting a salon in Kenya in 2024 is a splendid opportunity.

Embrace the glamour and greenbacks that come with it, and you might find your salon at the forefront of Kenya’s thriving beauty industry.


7. Massage Parlor: Knead for Success

*Rubbing to Riches*

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Setting up a massage parlor can offer weary Kenyans a relaxing heaven.

Skilled masseurs or masseuses can knead your way to a profitable venture. If you are well skilled with your hands and know your way to make people have a good time with their bodies, making them relax and feel good, this can be a very high-paying skill and the best way on how to make money in kenya 2024

People love to relax and mostly you can make a lot of money as this job has clients who have heavy pockets and are very rich.


8. Shoe-Shining: Shine Your Way to Prosperity

*Step into Success*

Shoe-shining services in busy urban areas can be a shining example of a simple yet profitable hustle on how to make money in kenya 2024.

It’s a low investment and can quickly build a loyal customer base.

For this, you just need to visit the gikomba marketplace and buy a few tools like:

Brush (black, brown, and white), washing brush, kiwi, and a small wiping cloth or towel for wiping the shoes before brushing with the kiwi.


9. Selling Mayai and Smokie Business: Sizzle and Fry to Cash

*Sizzle and Fry Your Way to Profits*

Street food, anyone? Mayai (eggs) and smokie (sausages) businesses are hot in Kenya.

With just ksh.500 you can start the business very easily. Getting a crate of eggs from the cheap sellers who sell in bulk, going to gikomba or Marikiti (soko), and buying Potatoes, Onions, pepper, and dhania for very cheap.

This you can get them very easily. Next, is buying a small jiko also in gikomba at a very cheap price together with some charcoal if you want to go this route.

For the jiko and charcoal, you will be using to boil and keep the eggs warm.

TIP: Do not sell cold eggs to customers if you want repeat customers, always keep the eggs and smokies very warm and fresh.

Another option is just using electricity to boil the eggs if you are able with that option.

But a good preference is using charcoal and a jiko for efficiency.

Setting up a mobile food cart is an affordable way to get started and serve some sizzling snacks.

10. Thrift Stores Online and Offline: Second-Hand Goldmine

*Thrifting for Treasure*

Thrifting is all the rage, and Kenya is no different. This is one of the best ways on how to make money in Kenya 2024.

Whether selling vintage clothing online or opening a brick-and-mortar thrift store, offering unique finds can be a profitable adventure.

How to start:

  1. Create a social media account eg. Instagram, Facebook
  2. Create a good profile image or banner to attract customers – A good clean banner or profile ranks better and attracts more customers therefore making you more money.
  3. Chose a name for your business/Account I recommend using – namecheap
  4. Take clean photos of your products – Good social media designs attract more customers
  5. Upload them online on your social media platforms
  6. Use ranking keywords and titles for your products
  7. Keep posting always and also interact with more people
  8. You can also run social media advertisements on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram targeting your audience





Q: Is it better to go online or offline with my thrift store?
Both have their perks. Online stores have a wider reach, while physical stores offer a hands-on shopping experience.

Q: What beauty trends should I watch in Kenya for 2024?
Hair extensions, nail art, and natural skincare treatments are all the rage.

Q: What’s the ballpark cost of starting a carwash in Kenya?
It varies, but you’ll want to budget for equipment, water supply, and finding that sweet spot to set up shop.

Q: What practical ways to make money in Kenya in 2024?
Explore opportunities like starting a pharmacy business, a car wash, or running a salon to cash in on Kenya’s growing economy. These are some of the best ways on how to make money in kenya 2024.

Q: How can I make money online in Kenya in 2024?
Consider online ventures such as e-commerce, freelance work, or starting a blog or YouTube channel to tap into Kenya’s digital landscape.

Q: Are there profitable business ideas for beginners in Kenya?
Yes, options like selling Mayai and Smokie, offering daycare services, or thrift stores (online or offline) can be great for newcomers.

Q: What are some legitimate online opportunities to make money in Kenya?
Legitimate online options include freelancing, affiliate marketing, online tutoring, and e-commerce through platforms like Jumia and Kilimall.

Q: How can I start a successful blog or YouTube channel in Kenya?
To succeed in online content, focus on niche topics, create engaging content, and leverage social media for promotion.

Q: What are the essential steps to set up an online store in Kenya?
Begin by choosing a niche, registering your business, creating a user-friendly website, and utilizing digital marketing to reach your target audience.

Q: Are there any government regulations for online businesses in Kenya?
Yes, ensure compliance with Kenya’s tax regulations, including registration for taxes like VAT and income tax, depending on your online business’s nature.

Q: Can I make money through surveys or paid online tasks in Kenya?
Yes, some platforms offer paid surveys and online tasks, but be cautious of scams and only engage with reputable sites.


Wrapp up

So, there you have it…

You searched How to make money in Kenya 2024, right?… From healthcare to haircuts and everything in between, Kenya is a land of opportunity for those willing to seize it.

Remember, success depends on a mix of hustle, innovation, and a deep understanding of your chosen path.

Don’t wait around; the “How to Make Money in Kenya 2024” guide is your roadmap to financial success.

Let’s Get them, Mulla!

Written by Denma

Written by Denma

I am passionate about assisting Kenyan entrepreneurs with design and marketing to fuel their business ambitions.

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